Wonderful you are here ­čÖé

I've created this site for YOU, for
people who recognized the crucial importance of Internet Marketing skills for a thriving online existence...

people passionate about marketing and making dreams come true...
people dedicated to adding value and delivering quality...
people who seek and share solutions...
people who love to live fully...
people who grab life by its horns, leap, and claim their freedom... 



Hi. Let me introduce myself.

I am a coach, writer, marketer, and data miner (not necessarily in this order). My passion is sharing practical, applicable knowledge - that's why I created this site. I love to see you take action, implement and SUCCEED.

I am a Certified Content Marketing & Customer Acquisition Specialist, which in everyday practice translates to captivating and cultivating leads and clients.

I do have considerable business experience (see below), which should have been helpful when I started online. It wasn't. Certainly not in the beginning... I struggled just as anyone else.

Wrestling my way through the thick jungle of Internet Marketing programs and products inspired me to teach what works. No magic bullets, no rags-to-riches-in-two-easy-steps-doing-nothing. Just a mundane, measurable material that will get you started and brings you to the finish line. Stuff you can work on and steadily improve.

And I also share tips for freeing your creativity, talents, and strength to achieve your greatest potential.

Have fun!

My experience in a nutshell

Before establishing my online business, I ran a forensic research center (managing knowledge and crunching data to prevent crimes), and consulted numerous multinationals on issues such as assessing marketing strategies, knowledge management, and optimizing operations (crunching data to maximize profits).

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, where I studied patterns of coping and high performance. This work went way beyond analyzing data, but yes, I did crunch data to examine what makes high achievers HIGH achievers.

I believe that 'technical', instrumental skills can go a long way, but will not come to full fruition unless fueled by the winning spirit. On the other hand, working solely on self-development is like talking about a Ferrari but never driving it. The self develops best out there, in the real world, when facing real challenges: it's this synergy of 'technical' and mental strengths that gives rise to high performance.