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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an Information Product

Have you ever considered creating your own information product? Please do... Being a product owner gives you considerable advantages in the Internet Marketing arena. Yet, to fully enjoy the benefits of having your own product, avoid these three cardinal mistakes....

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5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Site

Shopify recently gained the highest rank among popular ecommerce store platforms. Do you want to boost the traffic flow to your Shopify site? Read these 5 top tips…

Dr. Iva Embley Neumann

is a coach, writer, and data miner.

Before establishing her online business, she ran a forensic research center (crunching data to prevent crimes), and  consulted numerous multinationals on issues such as assessing marketing strategies and optimizing operations (crunching data to maximize profits).

Iva writes about and teaches internet marketing as well as other empowering skills, for she believes that it’s the synergy of 'technical' and mental strengths that gives rise to high performance.

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