5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Site

I’ve received quite a few questions about running traffic to Shopify sites lately.

It’s not surprising, because Shopify recently received the highest ranking among popular ecommerce store platforms.

However, I do NOT have a Shopify store… But since I was asked these questions, I've researched a number of strategies for driving traffic to Shopify. Here are 5 top tips coming from Shopify specialists:

1. Integrate Instagram

The nr. 1 recommendation is to integrate Instagram. According to Dan Wang, a Shopify Content Specialist:

  • The average order value from Instagram marketing is $65.00. That’s higher than from any other social media platform except for Polyvore ($66.75).
  • A recent study has found that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform.
  • The key to mastering Instagram marketing is engagement with your users, and
  • using the right hashtags, appropriate filters, and post at the right times.

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Moreover, Dan recommends to send free samples to Instagram influencers.

Learn how to set up a reach-out campaign here.

The remaining four suggestions are:

2. Reach out to bloggers,
especially bloggers with large audiences. Alternatively, write a blog post featuring people with big audiences and send it to them via email or Twitter.

3. Post your store to reddit
Dan suggests to make your posts very brief, make them “snappy, catchy, and not very sales-y”, and check out the Reddiquette guide to follow reddit guidelines.

4. Launch a Facebook Store

5. Pro-actively engage on Twitter

If these 5 suggestions are not satisfying, this link will take you to 50 ways to make your first Shopify sale.

It’s actually a free, comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about making your first ecommerce sale. It seems very practical and fun to do, because, according to the authors, each action takes only 3-5 minutes (you will see the estimated times when you download their PDF). That should not only help you run your Shopify store, but also boost your productivity and knock out your 2do list pronto (even if you take longer than 3-5 minutes) 🙂

Have fun!

P.S. Please leave a comment below. I love to hear what moves you, inspires you, excites you, what problems do you want to solve, and so on...

Be you, be free, and the future is yours… starting NOW!

Dr. Iva Embley Neumann

is a coach, writer, marketer and data miner.

Before establishing her online business, she ran a forensic research center (crunching data to prevent crimes), and  consulted numerous multinationals on issues such as assessing marketing strategies and optimizing operations (crunching data to maximize profits, among others).

Iva writes about and teaches internet marketing and strategies to free your creativity, talents, and strength to achieve your greatest potential.

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