Do You Want to Live Your Dream? Do This.

The Internet Marketing business runs on dreams. On dreams of buyers whose purchases are tickets to their desired lifestyles. And on perhaps even bigger dreams of marketers driven by their ceaseless need to crush it, get to the next level and live the good life. A life without endless work hours, suffocating offices, oppressive bosses, maddening commutes… and the ever-present financial challenges. A life in which they and their families are free to live fully and do what they want to do.

Many of us assume that to live the life we want, we first have to work hard, do what’s expected of us, and achieve something big. Sweat and struggle first, freedom second. Well, maybe. If freedom is written in the stars, that is... Does this sound familiar to you? Does it sound sensible? It did to me for many years.

Yet, successful marketers turned this model around: they claim their freedom first, and brake through later. They do not wait for anyone’s approval or for the right constellation of stars. They take the liberty of diving deep in and doing whatever it takes to make their dream come true. And many of them do not stop there. They go on and create reality that’s far more interesting and fulfilling than their wildest dreams.

Successful marketers – just as people who excel in sports, arts and other endeavors – give themselves permission to connect with their calling and commit to it fully, uncompromisingly, with their whole existence. It’s this very crucial step that empowers them to do what it takes to succeed. It allows them to leap to the unknown, to travel the roads less traveled, to get up and keep going after failure, and to sweat and struggle until they reach their goal.

So, give yourself this permission and leap. Even if it’s just a tiny leap, it will give you motivation and strength to take the next leap, and the next one… and before you know it, you will live your dream.

Be you, be free, and the future is yours… starting NOW!

Dr. Iva Embley Neumann

is a coach, writer, marketer and data miner.

Before establishing her online business, she ran a forensic research center (crunching data to prevent crimes), and  consulted numerous multinationals on issues such as assessing marketing strategies and optimizing operations (crunching data to maximize profits, among others).

Iva writes about and teaches internet marketing and strategies to free your creativity, talents, and strength to achieve your greatest potential.

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